ALVH & Steven Is Sad - Singles

by Riverview

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released October 12, 2012



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Riverview Massachusetts

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Track Name: ALVH
These wings have grown far too dense
I’ll soon clip them off and fall to the earth with no sigh nor scoff
And all that you hurt, and all that you love will begin to rust
It’s what we’re made of

Be sure to take your wings outside with you
While I stay in watching just waiting for let down
The most beautiful crowd;
Crowd the most powerless crown
But never itself, only its help, only the wearer

Misconstrue, I’m warning you
I'm finding heart in empty rooms
Come to find you, sweet divine moons
And gaze at your stars through and through
And gaze at your arms, slice through to you

So let’s play under the lights
Stay stained on me
It could be perfect; we’re worn out but worth it
I gamble that when the weather gets colder, they’ll be just crickets on your shoulder
Obvious and older
They’ve had enough of this
Don’t be so obvious

The winter has stolen the color from your skin.
So color me obvious and eloquent and delinquent
A nightmare of visions and the reasons and courage
Shocking enough to realize what you’re doing wrong
Time to see clearer
But it's never her eyes, always her dearer
Misconstrue, these walls won’t do
I’m finding heart in empty rooms
Rectify you
Come, divine swoon
I’ve found what is housing my sickness and I’m pulling at the roots
Suffocate, my darling
It’s always been you

Fall to your knees
Be honest, believe
"You will never know what it feels like to be so loved."
I'm sure you'll see

I shook this feeling inside my chest
And now, you're what I can live without
It's so funny how things work out
It's so fucking funny how things work out
Track Name: Steven Is Sad
Slip into my arms, just like last night
Let’s not just write this off
You have taken my heart
I found it gagged and bound
And sad, and drowned
But I’ve taken refuge in my room where I can think things through
And dream up ways to forget of you
No more desperate calls

Why can’t I feel a thing from anyone else other than you?

* This is my last leg
I pray I find hope when I’m fresh out of rope
And I’m asking you, please
Just don’t make the same mistake as me
I’m not worth the cries, or ties, or empty dreams
Stall all my breathing
I’m choking and I’m faltering
Another death, another scene
I won’t keep arms open or accept the pleas
"You aren’t worth the time or lies or anything" *

Cut all connections
These lungs are now relaxed
I will never relapse again
I’m doing what’s right for me and the ribs in my body
When they used to scream
“We cannot protect what is never there,
And so we’re parting ways with you. We pity you”
But I know I have myself back
I’ll control the way my soul acts
And I’ll take one breath in, and one out

One breath in, one breath out

A departure
Star-crossed lovers
I’m not finding anything worth wanting
(I'm alive)
There were phantoms inside my lungs
But now they fade
Like when sunlight sinks into the lake

You can’t drape secrets as well as you would hope
I tasted the doubt in your kiss
It’s funny how things work out
I insist, I insist

Be it sutures or as bright as futures
But I am rusting, why am I still searching?
But I’ve found it
It’s inside me
I see it every night in my sleep
Chagrinned for what I cannot keep

I am finding happiness in myself
I am starting to see all these feelings and all of their meanings
"Sleep with ease,
Eric, you have no one else to please"
I have given chase and my blood cells will race with gain
No more left of the pain
Let us live and fade off into the rain